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Sophomores Participate in National History Day Competition at Kean University

Valley Echo Banner Raima Islam '21
1 April 2019

The participants at the event; photo courtesy of @pvhssuper on Instagram On March 9th, sophomores Brianna Trewhella, Victoria Corrado, Carolyn Rosenberg, and Lilli Harrington competed in the National History Day competition, held at Kean University.

National History Day is a year-long academic program that holds an annual history contest. Participants from grades six through twelve must create a project that revolves around a theme chosen by the organization. Students have the freedom to write essays, compose films, produce plays, make websites, and much more to submit as their projects.

For the 2018-19 competition, the theme was “Triumph over Tragedy”. The four PV representatives decided to explore the world of filmmaking by creating a documentary about Ellis Island. They chose this topic because all of them have family that came to America through Ellis Island.

In the documentary, they described how immigrants came to America by way of Ellis Island for a better life. They went on to elaborate how a vital part of Ellis Island was the hospital there. The team did not just focus on the positive history, however, concluding the documentary by describing how Ellis Island was used as a Japanese Detainment Camp.

In order to get the workload done, the girls worked collaboratively on the project for quite some time. Friends who came to support the girls at the event; photo courtesy of @pvhssuper on Instagram “We each wrote different sections and then found sources and media for the documentary,” stated Trewhella. “We met up every week for about two months before the competition to work on the documentary.”

Friends, family and staff members all came to support the girls at the event. They very much enjoyed viewing the girls’ hard work. “It was really exciting to see the people who worked hard for the competition,” expressed Mia Basile ‘21, who attended the event. “The performances we saw there were amazing."

Unfortunately, the girls were not able to advance to the States Division. However, being PV’s first group to participate in the competition, they took away much from the experience. “I think what we’ve all learned from this event was that we couldn’t have completed the documentary without hard work and dedication,” remarked Corrado.

The participants at the award ceremony; photo courtesy of @pvhssuper on Instagram If the girls participate in the competition again, they know what they could do to improve. “One thing we could do to improve would be to find more primary sources,” said Rosenberg.

Advisor Mrs. Geraldine Volonnino is very satisfied as to how the competition went. Just like the girls, she takes away much from the experience and looks forward to participating again. “It was our first year, but now we know what to do. We have a year under our belts,” stated Volonnino. “We will put something together that is outstanding.”

Regardless of the outcome, all of the girls can agree that the competition was unforgettable. “The work was a lot, but was all worth it in the end,” quoted Harrington. “I really loved walking around the campus and sharing our project with others.“