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PV/Bergen Hosts First Annual Spring Fling Dance

Valley Echo Banner Kayla Leonard '20

19 April 2019

Spring Fling Dance; photo credit: Steven Capone On Thursday, April 18th, the PV/Bergen ABA Program hosted its first annual Spring Fling, organized by Ms. Abbie Rodgers and Ms. Casey Reno, along with Supervisor Ms. Jackie Dubil. Students from Banyan and Pequannock High School joined PV’s own in the Senior Café for an unforgettable night of music and dancing.

Many volunteered their time to make the event a success: Rich Hubbard kept the energy high as the event’s DJ, while Steven Capone provided photography for students. Pomptonian Food Service venders also donated various cuisines throughout the night. In addition, several student volunteers devoted their afternoons before break to make the night special.

“I had a lot of fun dancing together with my friends,” said volunteers Juliana Atallah ‘22. “But there were also a bunch of activities that made it even more enjoyable.”

In addition to the musical festivities, students also enjoyed a themed photo booth, art station, and many exciting games and activities.

The planning for the dance began in March. The ABA Program had been thinking of ways to allow their students to practice social and language skills and partnered with other schools to allow students outside the PV community to enjoy the dance. The planning process mainly consisted of organizing activities and assembling decorations to fill the Senior Café, as well as contacting the DJ and photographer. “All of these people are simply doing it out of the kindness of their hearts so we’re really lucky in regards to [preparation],” said Reno. 
Spring Fling dancing; photo credit: Steven Capone

The Spring Fling was one of many activities celebrating Autism Awareness Month (April), others including the annual Autism Walk and Ribbon Decorations by the ABA Art Class.

"The goal for the Spring Fling was to increase socialization skills and utilize social language in a reinforcing environment that typical teenagers experience," said Rodgers.

Overall, the event was enjoyable to all students and staff who attended, with the company of family and friends. PV looks forward to continuing more events for the ABA program in the future.

“The dance was very exciting and also a great way to meet new peers,” said volunteer Victoria Marques ‘21. “I’d love to attend another one in the future.”