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Spring Musical 2019: Addams Family Amazes and Amuses

Valley Echo Banner Grace Rose '19
23 May 2019

The Drama Club and Theater Department debuted the annual spring musical, Addams Family: The Musical, in Schneider Auditorium on May 9th, 10th, and 11th. The show explains what happens when parents, Gomez Addams (Marc Garcia ‘19) and Morticia Addams (Gabriella Rose ‘19) are faced with hosting dinner to meet their beloved daughter, Wednesday Addams' (Gabriella Volonnino ‘19), “normal” boyfriend. The Spring Musical was very successful and the most well-attended musical at PV in the last four years. Addams Family; photo credit: Chris Krusberg '18

Before opening night even started, guidance counselor and Director, Ms. Jennifer Shue, was awarded Honorable Mention for the Life Changer of the Year Award. After making the opening remarks to the show, she was shocked to receive the recognition from the alum who nominated her and a representative of the award. “I had no idea it was coming, but to be recognized for over 22 years of blood, sweat, and tears, was quite amazing,” said Ms. Shue. “I am humbled, grateful and emotional--all in one!” 

The musical begins with the classic Addams Family theme song. Audience members snapped along to the beat before being amazed by the brilliant set and lighting design. The first musical number, "When You’re an Addams", quickly set the tone for what the ghoulish Addams family thinks about "being normal". The ensemble, “the ancestors,” were a recurring presence throughout the show and appeared in many musical numbers. Addams Family; photo credit: Chris Krusberg '18

New features for this show included the use of hazers to give a smoke-machine look throughout the stage. The lighting design was also unique from previous productions: very dark and cool toned, which complimented the vibes of script. The costume design was also a highlight of the show. Costumes were curated by Costume Director Maggie Lavagno and borrowed from West Milford High School, which also performed Addams this year.

Act One was filled with quick, funny lines and tremendous acting, singing, and dancing from the leads and ensemble. "Pulled" was a hit and featured Wednesday (Gabi Volonnino) and little brother Pugsley (played by Gabby Cielo '22 and Camryn Frey '21). The closing number of Act One “Full Disclosure” featured most of the cast in a kooky dinner setting. During the song, the Addams family members let out their secrets during "the game", yet Wednesday Addams was saved from revealing her engagement from her mother. Addams Family Backstage; photo credit: Chris Krusberg '19

All productions often require the performers to learn something new or take on a different skill to help the character come to life. Marc Garcia ‘19 played the role of Gomez Addams very well, and performed a Spanish accent all throughout the show. Garcia and his complement, Gabby Rose ‘19 (Morticia), learned how to tango just for one number. in particular “Even though I don’t really have much dance experience, I think we were able to learn and dance the tango pretty well!” said Rose. “Jenny LeProtto, our Choreographer, was very encouraging.” Addams Family; photo credit: Chris Krusberg '18

Act Two of the show also did not disappoint. Some hit numbers included "Just Around the Corner", "The Moon and Me", "Crazier than You" and "Move Toward the Darkness." Fester, played by Alex Papasavas '19, led the song "Let's Not Talk About Anything Else But Love" which was a crowd favorite. 

In reflecting on the Addams Family, Ms. Shue beamed with satisfaction in the success of the show. Addams was a show she learned to love and believed the students also embraced it. Passaic Valley Summer Theatre is looking forward to its next productions: Zombie Prom and Shrek the Musical Jr.

All photographs for the article were provided by Chris Krusberg. Readers can view more of his work and more pictures from the production at