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Students Show Off Artistic Talent & Hornet Pride in Gelotti's Ceiling Tile Contest

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Kylie Tedeschi'19
20 May 2019

Students with a passion for art were recently allowed to show off their talents and PV pride thanks to Gelotti's Ceiling Tile Contest. Under the guidance of Ms. Carolyn Ingraham, students in the National Art Honor Society collaborated to produce four ceiling tiles that displayed the things they love about the PV community. The tiles will be displayed in the newly renovated Gelotti's in Paterson. 

list of students who contributed to tiles; photo credit: Kylie Tedeschi'19 The ceiling tiles were designed by students to represent four different aspects of the PV community that the artists appreciated most. The four different themes (with contributors listed to the left) were Sports at PV, Girls' Show, the Art Show, and an overall depiction of Hornet pride. The creators of the Sports tile were Rachel Lewis'19 and Leila Matari'21, and both are very involved in Track and Field. The Girls' Show tile was created by seniors Veronica Dorsett and Vanessa Padilla, who have participated in Girls' Show Posters. Senior Bushra Choudhury and Isabella Nicosia designed the Art Show tile, as they are heavily involved in PV's art community. The final tile was a depiction of Hornets at Gelotti's, demonstrating the integration of PV pride into the community. 

"It feels great to be able to showcase our talents on a platform outside of school, especially with a place as well-known and iconic as Gelotti's," explained Choudhury, who was excited to leave a lasting impression of her artistic talent in the community in her final year of high school. 

The criteria for the contest required students to integrate their favorite things about PV with the light, Gelotti's tiles; property of Ms. Carolyn Ingraham happy theme of Gelotti's Ice Cream, allowing them to be even more creative with their designs. "I loved the idea of mixing the themes of school spirit here at PV with ice cream at Gelotti's," stated junior Melissa Myrtaj. "It was definitely a challenge, but I think that it paid off with some really cool designs in the end."

The Ceiling Tile Contest is only the first of many future opportunities for students to show off their artistic talent in the PV community. Currently, students are working on a mural to be hung in the Totowa Children's Library, which will display some of pop culture's most iconic childhood characters. 

Ms. Ingraham, Advisor of NAHS and supervisor of the contest, enjoyed the fact that students could involve themselves with the community with these initiatives. "It's really awesome that students who love art have been able to display their passion," she said. "Their effort and commitment really speaks to the sense of community we have here at PV."