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Passaic Valley Students Participate in Stevens Math Olympiad


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Zachary Cronin '19
19 June 2019

On Sunday May 18, Stevens Institute of Technology hosted its annual Stevens Math Olympiad, a mathematics competition for students in grades 3-12 which entails solving mathematical and logical problems. This was the first year Passaic Valley High School students participated in the event. The participants included Elizabeth Dubov ‘21, Betul Koc ‘21, and Lia Trewhella ‘22 accompanied by Mrs. Thornton, Mrs. Kurtishi, and Mrs. Robeson.

Mrs. Thornton and Mrs. Kurtishi with Student Participants Photo Credit: Ennely Thronton

The all-female team hoped to inspire other women to explore the world of STEM. “In aJohn Overdeck Photo Credit: Ennely Thornton field where women remain dramatically underrepresented, it is important to encourage young women to get uncomfortable and step outside of their comfort zones,” said Mrs. Ennely Thornton.

The event featured guest speaker John Overdeck, 27th International Mathematical Olympiad Silver Medalist and co-founder and co-chair of Two Sigma Investments. Mr. Overdeck discussed how he used his love for math to become so successful and gave an inspiring speech to the attendees.

“I will continue to motivate and encourage my students to participate in years to come and plan on sharing this opportunity with my colleagues and other classes,” added Thornton.