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Girls' Show Releases Themes for 2017 Performance


Valley echo

Rachel Mele '17
15 Feburary 2017

Passaic Valley has always been a school of tradition. One of the longest running traditions is also a phenomenon: Girls’ Show, recently the subject of feature-length documentary. Attendees  say they have never seen anything like it , and often find it difficult to explain it to others. It needs to be seen to be believed.

The decorated lockers around the school. From left to right:  Green Cheer, White and Green Cheer, Exercise, and Dance. Each team has a "Head" who spends months preparing a routine, cutting music, and, most importantly, picking a theme. Themes can often make or break a routine, strong themes equal strong routines. These themes are not released to the public immediately; in fact, the girls involved have a creative and exciting way to reveal them.

They show up to school after hours and decorate their lockers with the themes of their teams. These locker designs are very extravagant and bring life to the halls. Each team eagerly to shares its theme with the school and the day a team decides to reveal its theme is always an exciting day for the students and the teachers alike.

The school atmosphere becomes more and more exciting as teams releae themes. Once all of the themes are revealed, everyone eagerly waits  the day of Girl’s Show (Friday, March 3rd) to arrive to see what each team has spent months practicing and perfecting.

All themes for this year's performance have been released. The themes are as follows: 


White:White Exercise  as Oz the Great and Powerful. Photo creds: Daria Cilindrello

Cheer- NASCAR Drivers

Alexandra Juliano ’17, one of the White Cheer Heads, spoke about choosing a theme. ” It was a process of elimination. We listed the pros and cons of each of our ideas, and once we were set on an idea, everything seemed to fall into place.”

Exercise- Oz the Great and Powerful (from the film starring James Franco)

Dance- The Enchantress (a character featured in Suicide Squad)


Green:Green Exercise  as Vikings. Photo creds: Rachel Mele

Cheer- The Mad Hatter (made famous by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)

Exercise- Vikings (based on the History Channel series)

“We wanted a really powerful theme, and Vikings seemed to be a very powerful theme to do,” commented Alicia Ciarlo ‘17, one of the Green Exercise Heads.

Dance- The Evil Queen (from various Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves)


To each of the girls involved, there is a certain aspect they love the most about Girls’ Show.  White Chief, Daria Cilindrello '17, says, “I love to see my team's hard work pay off.”

Green Chief, Kristine Feng ’17 says “I love preforming with my girls, we are like a family, showing off our hard work to the greens and whites.”