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Girls' Show Results: White Wins the Night

Valley Echo Gabriella Dragone'17
4 March 2017

Green Exercise; Photo Credit: Chris Krusberg '18 For the first time in five years, Girls’ Show ended with a White success. The last time the White Team won the night was in 2012. This year, the White Team took a win in Posters, Exercise and Cheer, while the Greens scored victories in Dance, Relays and Novelties. Both teams displayed tremendous effort, coordination, and heart. All the girls, regardless of winning or losing, should take pride in their exhilarating performances.

White Chief, Daria Cilindrello '17, congratulated her teammates on a successful competition, “It feels great to know all your hard work payed off and to see your flag go up. The poster was amazing and the girls on the team are extremely talented. Exercise and Cheer put on a great show that the crowd was able to get into and have fun watching.”

Even though White won overall, the Green team didn’t go home empty handed. The Greens wonWhite Exercise; Photo Credit: Chris Krusberg '18 Dance, extending their winning streak in that category to seventeen years. “I’m really proud of Green Dance, they possess so much talent and always manage to leave the crowd in shock. They define ‘amazing’ in every sense of the word when they take the floor each year,” stated Green Chief, Kristine Feng ’17. 

Green also came out on top in Relays and Novelties, eeking out a victory in the three-legged race and coming back from an early deficit in chairs to earn the flags. Feng clearly felt pride in her team's performance, “Relays and Novelties made me so proud…I loved every single second of cheering the girls on, whether it was to run faster or pull harder. It was a very pleasant surprise and a fantastic defining moment of all the girls’ spirit.”

Green Dance; Photo Credit: Chris Krusberg '18 For the decision of overall winner, the girls are judged on routines, costumes, makeup, precision, music, and enthusiasm. Five judges are hired to divide points between each team. The categories and elements of each are clearly explained to each judge in advance in a multifaceted document involving technique, execution, and showmanship.

After each judge divides the points, she determines a winner for each event. She records her points and her choice for "green" or "white" for that category and then the judges' choices are tallied.

The main events, such as Cheer, Exercise and Dance, are worth two points. Relays and Novelities are one point and Posters are worth a half a point. The team who earns the most points when all categories are considered wins the flag of the night.White Dance; Photo Credit: Chris Krusberg

Friday's performance was particularly nail-biting as only a half a point separated the teams (White: 4.5, Green: 4.0). 

Mrs. Kathleen Dellanno, director of Girls' Show, said that both teams were fabulous and explained that the judges expressed that their decisions were very difficult to make because excellence, on both sides, was undeniable.

“I am very proud of all the girls who continue this amazing tradition with athleticism, creativity, and dedication combined for an amazing result.”

Mrs. Ennely Thornton, one of the co-advisors added that the intensity of Girls' Show 2017 was unparalleled by any other Girls' Show she has worked with

Green Cheer; Photo Credit: Chris Krusberg '18 For any girl interested in joining Girls’ Show, Feng said, “Always keep your loyalty to your color in mind. I know that it’s easy to only focus on your team but it’s also really important to stick together as one color and cheer on all the other teams as a family. Girls’ Show is about experience, any great experience you have will always outweigh the outcome of the flag. But let’s say the flag doesn’t come your way, at least you know you have all the girls on your color to be there and support you. There’s the essence of the show: girls supporting girls. And of course, always stay respectful and classy towards everyone and try to enjoy every second of the experience.”

Even though Girls’ Show may be the one day where we are “divided” we must remember, that at the endWhite Cheer; Photo Credit: Chris Krusberg '18 of the day, we are all one, we are all a family, and most importantly, we are all Hornets.

Congrats to both the Greens and Whites! Thank you for an amazing show!


All pictures provided by Chris Krusberg. You can view his other Girls' Show photos and the rest of his portfolio at