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Lunchtime in Teen Center is Both Fun and Informative

Valley Echo

Franchesca Livraghi '18
10 March 2017

The Teen Center provides many different opportunities for students to learn, have fun, and maybe even experience a little competition. In honor of the wildly popular NCAA basketball tournament, this month’s theme is March Madness.

The week starts with Trivia Mondays where contestants have a chance to win Teen Center t-shirts, Frisbees, and bags if they can answer the questions correctly.

Teen Center On Tuesdays, the Teen Center invites a guest speaker from Planned Parenthood, Mr. Reggie Rosarion, who covers topics including teen dating, health concerns, and forms of birth control. His presentations deal with real-life problems and the consequences of different decisions.

Apart from these topics, the Teen Center also has Video Game Day every other Wednesday after school, Pop in for Popcorn on Thursdays, where students are invited to eat popcorn and watch movies. They also host holiday parties, including a St. Patrick's Day party on Friday, March 17.

In addition, there are many educational programs for students like college access days, career-aspiration guest speakers, information about dating violence prevention, and gang awareness prevention.

Director Ms. Kelly Carmichael said, "There are still many different activities that we are planning to add to the Teen Center, such as an ice cream social, pool table tournament, and Taco Tuesday.”

For the month of April, they plan to have an Easter basket contest, a Spring Fling, and a trip to Funplex during spring break.

Information about upcoming events can be found on the Teen Center's calendar, sent to all staff and students at the beginning of each month. Students can also email Ms. Carmichael or pop in to the Teen Center during lunch periods.