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Passaic Valley's School Dress Code

Passaic Valley's dress code, which was created with particular restrictions in order to limit some of the extremities that students are willing to go to for fashion, has always been a remotely big controversy among the students and staff at Passaic Valley.

Dress Code; photo credit: Jocelyn Martinez '19 Opinions on the current school dress code established at Passaic Valley vary depending on gender and position in this school. For example, female and male students might have different takes and personal opinions on the dress code due to the differing regulations that each student has to specifically follow based on what gender they are. Also, students and teachers, or administrators, might hold contrasting opinions on the dress code due to different interests and likes based on their age. Even though the clothing of male students, female teachers, and male teachers are restricted by the current dress code that Passaic Valley entails, it is geared the most toward restricting the clothing female students are allowed to wear. 

There is a universal theme surrounding the dress code that makes it more restrictive for females due to gender stigma's. "I do believe their is a double standard in terms of female vs. male dress code standards," Spiro Klimentos '19 mentioned. For example, some policies, such as the policy that does not allow girls to wear off-the-shoulder tops, are unfair due to the fact that boys are allowed to wear muscle t-shirts with no problem. Current events in the world that are skyrocketing, such as sexual assualts, cause females to be more susceptible to judgments based on their choice of clothing. This then causes females, especially young female students here at Passaic Valley, to be more susceptible to clothing restrictions that are set in place by the administration to make sure they are not targeted by males. Another big problem with the implementation of the school dress code is the application of these rules on specific students, for females tend to actually get noticed and punished more for breaking the dress code, while male students tend to get away with not following these rules.

The controversy of public safety vs. indivual liberty also gets dragged into the school dress code controversy. One element of the school dress code does not allow students wear large, heavy coats during the school day due to the possibility of dangerous hidden objects, such as weapons or drugs; however, the low temperature of some classrooms during the winter makes it unbearable to follow this rule. "I find it a hassle that we are not allowed to wear thick jackets , especially when considering some of them are PV varsity jackets, which also showcases school spirit," Klimentos stated.Dress Code; photo credit: Jocelyn Martinez '19

Other than differences in opinions based on gender and views on school safety, differences in people's physical characteristics can cause a problem with dress code restrictions regarding length. "I feel that overall the dress code is fine, but there should be more leniency in terms of strap and pant lengths," expressed Bushra Choudhury '19.

Although some aspects of the school dress code is unfair toward some students, it is a great element in preparing students for work place dress code restrictions in the future. "School is a professional environment, so if you're not allowed to wear the clothing in work then you should not be allowed to wear it in school either," Ms. Menake explained. The process of punishing violators of the school dress code requires students to miss class, which is an additional issue with respect to implementation of the dress code. Overall, the dress code is necessary to have a uniform rule of clothing in Passaic Valley; however some components of the dress code itself and the process of execution should be altered.