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Later School Days For Better Sleep Schedules

Brianna Rodriguez '20

28 January 2019

The importance of sleep is a necessity to not only physical health, but emotional health. Depression and mental health issues are common in teens and young adults, and sleep deprivation only adds to the problem. It is important for people of all ages to get an adequate amount of sleep, but teenagers especially require lots of sleep giving that teens are going through an important growing stage.

In many high schools, including PV, the school day begins very early. Compared to the elementary and middle schools in the area, the high schools start way too early. High school students tend to be more stressed from all the hard work and studying we do. Being a high school student at Passaic Valley, I understand why students get stressed. I just find it more necessary for high school students to receive that extra hour or two of sleep considering the middle schools in the area start their school day an hour to two hours later than we start. Most high school students tend to stay up late which is just pure laziness, but most teenagers also tend to have jobs and get home late on school nights and they go home to a huge load of homework to get done. All these factors just add on to the stress that teens tend to struggle with.

On average, high school students, including myself, receive only 6-7 hours of sleep per night, sometimes less. The average amount of sleep young people should receive is 8-10 hours per night. If the school day started an hour later, that extra hour of sleep in the morning would be useful.