Passaic Valley High School

Regional District

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Special Education Highlights and Special Programs

  • 1.      Passaic Valley Regional High School has introduced a Co Teaching Model.

    a. Students are afforded ‘equal access’ to the general education curriculum and are educated with their non-disabled peers

    b. Students will have the opportunity to work with one or both general education teacher and special education teacher

    c. Research states that more time in general education increases standardized test scores in math and reading, fewer absences, fewer disruptive referrals and better outcomes in employment and independent living.

    d. Curriculum standards will be modified where needed and supplementary assistance will be provided.

    2.      Mainstreamed with an Aide

    a. In addition to general mainstreaming, students can be placed in classes with the assistance of an aide five days a week in both Math and Science classes

    3.      Reading Classes and Reading Remediation

    a. Three reading classes are provided by Karen Paulison, Reading Teacher

    b. Three additional reading classes are provided by Chris Canning, Orton-Gillingham trained Teacher of Students with Disabilities

    4.      PV/Bergen ABA Program

    a. Based on the principles of applied behavior analysis

    b. Life Skills

    c. Field Trips weekly (Walgreens, ShopRite, Local Laundromat, etc.)

    d. Peer Participation Program (25 General Education students volunteered to work with students with autism, socialize with them in Teen Center, Art Class, Physical Education Class, Culinary Class)

    5.      Multiple Disabilities Class

    a. Expanded Life Skills in all of the curriculum

    b. Increased Field Trips

    c. Staff Trained in Community Based Instruction

           i. Seven New Monthly CBI Trainings from State Transition Expert, Bill Freeman

    6.      Work Study Program Expanded

    a. Kohls, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Day Care, etc.